The Difference Between Traffic and Driving School

 Even though they have quite similar names, the truth is that there’s a big difference between traffic and driving school. Driving school is often designed in order to teach new drivers the road rule’s ins and outs as well as the procedures that are geared towards creating safer and better drivers. Other kinds of driving schools actually teach defensive driving measures too.  

On the other hand, traffic schools can either be in-class course or online that’s meant to refresh the knowledge of drivers when it comes to driving. In many cases, drivers are ordered to attend a certain traffic lesson by a judge after he or she received a traffic violation. In addition to that, some states also give the drivers the best option to attend traffic lesson as an ideal way to prevent getting any violation, therefore keeping their own insurance premiums at a low cost. 

Driving School 

A driving school course usually includes a lot of classes variations for both established drivers as well as beginners. Some common courses also involve beginning driving courses that cover the driving basics as well as road rules. Aside from that, common tasks such as parallel parking, driving in reverse, and 3-point turns are being covered in this lesson. Others also include intensive driving courses that condense one week or more training worth into 1 or 2 days.  

Also, defensive driving lessons are designed in order to give drivers more knowledge when it comes to dealing with any unpredictable motorists. Some part of defensive driving classes also includes lessons on how to handle skids and the most effective and safest ways on how to navigate intensive driving situations such as fast-paced busy freeways. Furthermore, there are also some classes which cover freeway driving. 

Traffic School 

On the contrary, traffic school is generally meant for people who have been penalized or cited for certain traffic violations. And, in most cases, a judge will order some drivers to attend a traffic lesson. Other times, drivers also have their own option to attend this kind of school to have their ticket dismissed. This is because they consider that the rates of auto insurance often increase even after a single traffic violation. Thus, taking a quick traffic lesson or course in order to have that particular traffic citation ticket dismissed is extremely desirable. 

 Mock Driving Tests 

Aside from the actual experiences behind the wheel that you will gain from attending driving schools, you’ll also have the opportunity to try mock driving tests. In fact, for new drivers who are facing their driving test in written form, a mock test is surely a big help. Overall, driving school can be able to help returning and new drivers to gain the right confidence that they need in order to be successful and safe drivers. Of course, safety is being stressed out above anything else in any driving or traffic school, whether you’re an established driver or a student who’s eager to learn more new skills. Now, that you know the benefits of driving and traffic schools, consider contacting a professional driving school Bridgeport CT if you want to enroll.