Finding a place to make it as a house is very easy but keeping and making your house clean is not going to be as easy as pie. You have to organize the things and stuff in the kitchen and remove the dust from your windows and make sure they are crystal after cleaning it. For your bathroom, you need to make sure that the unpleasant smell would not stay there for a longer time. You have to make sure that it will be from any slippery things especially if you do have some visitors, it would be an ashamed situation. Most of the women are the responsible for cleaning house. Men believe that girls are very good at making things clean and well-organized. Leaving your kids in their rooms or in the living room for many hours after you come back from supermarket buying foods. You would notice the mess that they have done. It is another task and household cleaning job for you again.  


Making your house clean doesn’t only mean that is free from stain or dirt but also need to make sure that it is all organized. You don’t want to look everything in your house in a messy condition. If you have some glasses or things that are fragile. They are expected to make things in order so that they will not be broken or when the kids are running inside the house they won’t touch or move it. Another thing here as well is your closet. You can teach your kids how to fold clothes properly. Put them properly to the drawers and even the right way to hang clothes after washing them. Parents should also be mindful about the harmful solution and sprays that you have at home. You need to secure them in a safe place and not easily be found and get by kids.  

You can always clean your bathroom little by little every day. Some parents would clean it every after they take a bath or shower. In this way, you would not need to spend a lot of time every weekend or every other day to clean it and remove the hard and slippery stuff there. Doing this manner, would help you to be more assured that the place is clean and far from getting bacteria and germs around that place.  

The same thing with your kitchen. Try to wash the dishes right every after eating. It would save you more time and of course germs would not accumulate there. It will reduce the smell coming from those uncleaned plates. Always ready your mop to wipe those spilled liquid and water. You have to make sure that this area is always clean and free from microorganism as this is the only place where you can cook foods and prepare your dishes.  

Most of the dirt and dust can be found underneath your carpets. So, better to vacuum them every other day to make sure that you not inhaling the dust that may cause lung disease if you would have it every day and for a long time.  

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